PROSH 2010: Wednesday April 21st.

Don't be fooled...the PROSH charity fundraiser descends upon Perth on Wednesday 21st April 2010! Donate to charity on the day and receive your complimentary copy of the PROSH newspaper.

Starting from 6am on Wednesday 21st April 2010, hundreds of costumed students from The University of Western Australia will descend on locations throughout Perth to sell the funniest newspaper in the nation.

PROSH newspaper is written by our tireless crew of volunteers and is looking to be funnier than ever. With all new content covering both the old favorites as well as plenty of local and global current events, the paper will be the crowning glory of any coffee table or desk, and the centre of attention in offices all around Perth.

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You can participate by making a donation through PROSH, by buying some great PROSH merchandise, by joining the PROSHession with your UWA club or society, by visiting our Writers' Nights every Tuesday at 6.30 pm in the Guild Council Meeting Room (2nd floor Guildhall), by contributing to Layout Weekend, by collecting donations on PROSH day, or just by spreading the word.

To find out more, contact PROSH or join our Facebook event page.

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PROSH 2010
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