PROSH 2011: Wednesday April 13.

WELCOME TO THE 80TH PROSH! Prosh is the annual satirical newspaper writer, published and distributed by the students of The University of Western Australia. This year, we celebrate the 80th paper since the event’s conception in 1931.

Prosh is written by a tireless crew of students, who labour to make the content of entertaining and satirical, offering everything from razor-sharp observations of local and global events to downright hilarious black comedy.

Prosh will be held this year on Wednesday 13 April 2011, when thousands of student volunteers in ludicrous costumes descend on the city and surrounding areas to sell the paper to an unsuspecting Perth public. The event starts at 6am, and climaxes at midday in the City, when a celebratory concert occurs, complete with performances from the clubs and faculty societies of the student body.

Even if you're not in Perth, you can pledge your donation online and we may be able to send you a spare copy of the PROSH newspaper. Click here to join thousands of others by donating to three worthy charities:

This year’s Prosh’s charities are Surf Life Saving Western Australia, Foodbank of WA and Youthfocus.

We ask everyone to embrace Prosh, by donating generously and taking all content for the satirical and comedic brand Prosh is uniquely known for.

You can participate by purchasing Prosh merchandise, donating generously on Prosh day or via our website, joining in by selling the paper on April 13. To write, one can come to writers’ nights (every Tuesday at 6pm in the Guild Building), or contact us to sign up for layout weekend (8th, 9th, 10th April). Even by just spreading the word, you can help.

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PROSH 2011
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